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HEy Guys:

IS ther a crack or key combo to unlock the Acer's Bios

I have the Acer ASpire E380 and there are no overclocking options what so ever.


AMD 64 X2 4200+
7600 gt
250 sata
1 gig PC2 8000
Crappy Bios
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  1. Hey Mate

    I have recently taken over the site which is a forum specialising in bios modding

    I had a look around in the Acer E380 R01B4 Original Bios and it turns out that the overclocking options were just hidden from view , not completely removed. Major oems like hp dell and acer hide these options to save expensive tech support costs trying to help people who have messed with their bios.

    I have unlocked all of the available hidden options from the original bios

    You can now attempt to overclock this system!!

    Options avaialble include:

    Cpu frequency (FSB)
    DRAM Configuration (Overclock Memory)
    NPT Vid Control (Voltage)
    NPT Fid Control(Voltage)

    Please note that reflashing with this bios WILL void your machines warranty and could potentially damage the motherboard. Bios flashing is a risky process and you should be prepared for the worst if you want to flash this . I wont take any responsibility if you break the computer as i am merely providing the download link. It is up to you whether you download and flash this bios.

    Please register on the Bios Mods Forum at

    Kind Regards


    Biosmods Admin
  2. I am trying to do the same thing but with a acer m1610 can anyone help me heres my email let me know thanks
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