Windows Update Service Corrupt / Erroneous - Repair / Reinstall?

All right, Windows Update is apparently not functioning for whatever reason, and I've been through the ringer trying to figure out why.

Whenever I try to start the Automatic Updates service, I get the following errors, depending on how I try to start it:

I've looked high and low on the internet for a solution to this, and I have so far tried:

- Registering/Unregistering/Reregistering all relevant DLL files
- Using sfc /scannow
- Going to the Windows Update site (to be given a similar error)
- Restarting and resetting the BITS service
- Using Microsoft FixIt for this issue (which turns out just does what I did in the command prompt and then fails to start the service, just like I did)
- Giving full permissions to every user and user group on the system for relevant registry keys
- Kicking computer

None of the above have helped.

My next thought was to try and remove everything related to Windows Update from the System32 folder, then visit the Microsoft Update site in hopes that it would download and install the latest Windows Update software. To my horror, each time I delete, move, or modify the files in any way, Windows takes it upon itself to instantly replace them.

Basically, how can I...

1. Delete Windows Update completely and reinstall it?


2. Correct whatever problem is causing wuauserv to malfunction?
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  1. MS has a trouble-shooting guide here for common windows updates problems. Probably quicker and more effective for you to go through its steps.
  2. I actually haven't seen that one yet. Too bad Microsoft has once again set up a foolproof infinite loop of failure.

  3. I found two locations related to problems enabling the windows update service:
    1) Search on MS forums, this site is not limited to winxp update service.
    2) MS info on a trojan called Win32/Vundo, near the bottom of the page.

    I'll look some more a little later. At this point I would recommend a full back up of your data on a separate HDD or primary partition.
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