Intel Rapid Store Technology

Or something like that.

It's starting to pop up a few days ago when I boot up my PC, it's rather annoying. I'll post a youtube video of it. It happens at around 0:21

Is there any way I can disable it? It hasn't shown up when I first got my pc up and running. Weird.

Specs: i7-2600k @ 4.3ghz w/ Corsair A70
Asus Maximus Extreme IV
8GB Kingston DDR3 Ram
120GB Intel SSD
2x 1TB Harddrives on RAID
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  1. I haven't had an asus board in a while, but it all looked pretty typical to me. The bios always displays your hard drives. You can always turn the logo screen on and hide all that info.
  2. problem is, it shows logo screen like 3 times :(
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