I'm going in circles. Help, opinions please!

Hey guys!
This is kind of a 2-part question as I feel I'm going in circles on a couple of fronts, :pt1cable: so I'd appreciate some feedback:

1/ I'm looking to upgrade my video card from my current X800XL (AGP), and I've narrowed it down to the X1950gt, X1950pro and the XFX 7900gs. I don't overclock, just looking to run it at stock speeds and hope it doesn't bottleneck my cpu too much.

2/ The PSU I'm running is a Zalman ZM460B 460 watt (34 amps on the +12V rail I think off-hand?). Is this going to be a problem with running any of these cards?

My current set-up is:
A64 3200+ @ 2.2Ghz (Newcastle core I think?)
Gigabyte K8NS Pro Mobo
1 Gig (2x512) Kingmax Ram
120 Gig Seagate HDD
Xpertvision 256meg X800XL
Lite-on DVD-Rom
PSU Zalman ZM460B

Cheers everyone! :D
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  1. 1. Go for the X1950GT or the X1950XT. You should definetily overclock.
    2. Yes, it's fine.
  2. dude, i have an X1950pro card and its awsome! i say go for it because the next card id recomend would be the HD2950pro, not out yet. WHY I RECOMEND? cuz it kicks 8600gt ass ans GTS when properly overclocked!! the 7900gs is stupid, cant HDR and AA at the same time; 1950pro can! try going for the ASUS card or one the doesnt have the stock reference cooler...lower temps for when you do change your mind and wanna OC! hope i helped :D
  3. Track said:
    1. Go for the X1950GT or the X1950XT. You should definetily overclock.
    2. Yes, it's fine.

    Track, the OP says (s)he does NOT want to overclock.

    After a quick look at Newegg, I found these cards (I assume you're still using your AGP board, I hope this isn't a false assumption): x1950gt for $147, and x1950xt for $260. After looking at the specs, the extremely-less-expensive GT only lacks in the core clock by 178 Mhz... (the XT is a stock-overclocked card). I would say go for the GT, enjoy it, and rest assured that you got a great card for a great price. Then, with the money that you saved, you can look into perhaps upgrading (I don't know how many more nice AGP cards will come out). Good luck!
  4. lordaardvark2 said:
    Track, the OP says (s)he does NOT want to overclock.

    Yeh, I noticed that.
    Thats why I'm trying to convince TO overclock.
    Not overclocking is simply absurd. There is absolutely not reason not to overclock.
  5. Since you don't overclock, definitely go for the X1950XT and that PSU is fine.
  6. well, if im not mistaken, if you overclock, you are out of warranty. plus, if you dont know what you are doing, you can ruin the hardware.
  7. Apologies to everyone, I forgot say that I'm from Australia so the x1950xt is out of the picture in my neck of the woods (ditto for the Gainward Bliss 7800GS++ unfortunately). I've looked around and the cheapest x1950gt is AU$220, however I have found HIS IceQ x1950pro's going for around $230-240 from S&L Tech so this will be the go I think!

    Thank to everyone for their help and advice, Toms Forums are just the best for computer related help!
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