Need help getting rid of a Trojan please!

Hello all! I recently got a Trojan from visiting a random video game forum site. I keep on getting "Threat Detected" message from my free edition of AVG. The threat name is "Trojan Horse Generic 26.BDE" and each time I try to remove the file, AVG says the file does not exist. I guess the Trojan that I have is the ones that keep on opening a new tab and shows some random website.

I already tried Malwarebyte during safe mode, safe mode with networking, and normal windows mode and all found nothing. The Trojan was still active when I was in safe mode with networking because it opened a random website on my browser. I have yet to try #2 since I wasn't sure if I should run Combofix in safe mode or just normal windows mode. Or is there another method that I should try before Combofix?

Thanks in advance for the help! this is as much info as I can provide since i'm not really comp savvy.
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  1. Try to run this and enable boot scan!
  2. nikorr said:
    Try to run this and enable boot scan!

    Thanks, i'll have to try that tonite. Do I run these two programs under safe mode or normal windows mode?
  3. It's always best to run scans in safe mode with networking. The reason, is only the essential programs and processes are active there. There's less chance of the malware influencing the scanner.
  4. SR-71 Blackbird said:

    I tried running the program (under normal windows mode) and chose rootscan with restart when tried to restart and crashed my computer. I had to restart my computer under windows repair mode and go back to a previous restore point. Now the computer seems fine.

    should i skip this program?

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