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i am thinking of adding another monitor to my setup. I like to game like , C&C3, Dark Messiah, FEAR, UT2004 (everthing on ultra low settings), and i have games sitting and waiting till i build new so i can run them, like DIRT, STALKER, Supreme Commander, Oblivian, and was just curious what games or how many games actually pan over both monitors, or what is needed to get games to pan over both of them. Like many others here i will be upgrading soon will the great price wars that are going on.

current specs
asus a8n32
amd 3500
1g ram
6800gs VC
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  1. I don't know of any that will span nicely natively. I know you can use the NView software to span but how stable that would be in games is anyone's guess. It'd be cool though with 2x 1280*1024 19" vertical so you get 2048*1280 on a virtual 28".

    Supreme Commander can supposedly run a second display but it's used for tactical information or something. You couldn't play FPSs on 2 because the border would be right where you're aiming.
  2. Eurgh...

    Some games can be fantatsic on a single widescreen, but its rare that many will run on 2 without some form of stretching/artifacts. Most games can only use one screen anyway. You can use the nVidia/Ati drivers to stretch the image, but it will look terrible.

    You can try running dual screens, but even on low quality settings, most modern games will need at least an 8800 series card to support it.
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