What is the best video editer program???

Hopefully I've found the correct Category to put it in, but anyways, here is the problem:

So basically I'm using Sony Vegas Pro 8 to edit the videos, and then squash it in few mb... It is good for games from fraps...
But then I found out some stupid quality for 1080p, so I changed it down to 720p, which I found on the fraps in what quality it was recording...
So it got better, but then I chosed to make some videos in real life, because I said to my self, when I reach 50 videos in the gaming channel on youtube, I have to make up to 50 videos on the other channel so then I could see which one is better... And then the quality problems appiered...

So I have a Sony Handycam DCR-SR32 (here is for the lazy people: http://www.retrevo.com/search?q=Sony+DCR-SR32&rt=sp&modelid=16864989)
As in specs it says:
Sony Handycam NEX-VG10 Flash Memory HD Camcorder (3" LCD - CMOS - 16:9 - 14.2 Megapixels)

As in fact I have chosen to HQ quality and so on, when I film it, everything shows a really good quality on the pc whatsoever... I have filmed about my bmx and stuff and it was a normal quality... But then when I started filming my monitor or stuff like on: 'how to' what I can't film with a Desktop camrecorder... So I had to use this Sony camera... So basicly here is the real deal:
I put it on the Vegas pro, finish my stuff, the settings are on HD 720p with the sony vegas output which makes it really small(the file) and render it, after when it is finished, I opened it and the quality was absolutely gone, uploded it on youtube, cause had to give what I could, and had a chek, it's max quality was 240p, so basically I put the settings on 720p, but it makes 240p... don't know why, but as I love Vegas pro and don't want to go away from it, cause it is easy to use... I would better want to see if there is a solution to this whole thing...

As In fact, if anyone of you are using vegas pro 8, can u tell me what are the settings you are rendering it to, because I need the file small and in good quality, minimum 360p ;)

And just an offtopic thing: if anyone wants a subscribe from me, then you will have to give me a sub too, cause running really low on subs, and still learning what to do best, and can't do it without the viewers and with no comments... As in fact I've get some views from my friends, and only few from subscribers... If you can help me, I'll appreciate it ;)
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  1. *UP*
  2. Ok, have fixed it... Just put the old settings on the Cam videos (1080p and it started to be in a really good quality... And I use 720p on fraps videos, brings the bestest quality ;)
  3. :D Good job! :D

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  4. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    :D Good job! :D

    [:aford10:8] to the forum!

    Ok :D Thanks for [:graywolf:9] ing me :)
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