What to do?

ive been holding off as long as possible ...and still willing to do so...

at what point now or in the near future should i get a whole new pc

the main thing is the cpu and what to get as that affects everything else

my current rig is fine barely for now but will b discarded

old AGP with an XFX 7600GT

im wondering if i wait for intels 45nm cpus mb with good ddr3 i.e faster than high end ddr2 modules performance and
the smoothening out of dx10 for good performance

i want to use my pc as part of my entertainment unit if its able to connect to a 1080 hd plasma

and games performance is important

just after some advice

thanks for your time
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  1. That is the 1 billion dollar question everyone wants an answer for!
    By the time you wait for 45nm CPU's and DX10 to smooth out, there will be 40nm CPU's and DX11 on the horizon. It's entirely a personal choice when you decide to "jump in".
  2. dude DDR3 sux! honest to got, look at this http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/memory/display/ddr3.html . and 45nm CPUs are gay 65 are just fine! get an E6850 and 2Gb of DDR2 ram at PC-8000 speeds and a little water cooling here and there and youve got a 4Ghz stable comp which will last atleast 3 years, u just need a GFX card that wont choke like a 2900( optimised for DX10 not 9 like 8800)
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