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Hi guys. The past few weeks I've been having some connection issues. Here's the setup. My computer (using the network adapter of an MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum mobo) is wired to a DI-514 router which is connected to a DSL modem. There are up to 4 wireless connections at any given time as well as a wired X-box 360. Currently since the term is ending and my roommates are home for summer, the 360 and most of the wireless devices aren't connected. However, those all worked when I was having problems.

Anyways, what will happen is randomly my connection stops working (to the router apparently since I can't even reach the configuration page I could be playing a game or surfing the net, and it just drops or it's down when I turn it on after work etc. Some days it's working by the time I get up the next morning. Some times it takes more than a day (currently been down for 1.5 days). When it works, it's usually up for 1-3 days.

It has worked and then went down with automatic IP detection as well as a static IP so I'm not sure if those settings are that crucial.

I'd like to point out though that when I make a change to the LAN TCP/IP properties (when the LAN is down, still haven't tried when it's working), it's almost as if the process gets hung up somewhere because that window eventually goes to not responding. I usually have to restart the computer (the process has to be terminated automatically first which takes a few minutes) before the new settings (like static IP) take affect (as seen in ipconfig).

Another thing is that we reset our router about 3 weeks ago and it was around that time the problems started. Everyone has noticed that the internet has been sluggish since. I dunno if it's a firmware issue (does that need to be updated after a complete reset?) and if the router is the cause for my problem (which I find hard to totally believe since everyone else keeps their connection)

I have tried a different ethernet cable just to be safe and it doesn't change anything.

I'm thinking of buying a new network adapter but I don't want to waste $20 if the problem lies elsewhere.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. Since everyone else keeps their connection, the problem is specific to your hardware, your cable, or your port.

    You've already replaced your cable... so that's not it. Consider trying a different port on the router... that's free and easy. Once you've eliminated that, you've got to consider that it's your NIC. Surely someone has a USB to Ethernet adapter lying around that you can borrow... that way you don't have the hassle of opening up your computer.

    Resetting the router shouldn't have anything to do with your problem... and I'm going to assume the slower internet speeds are unrelated as well. Like you said... the other devices maintain their connection.
  2. Of course always make sure you are running the latest firmware and drivers.
  3. I'll see what I can do about the NIC.

    And yeah, I'll try to take a look at the firmware on a friend's laptop if my connection isn't up when I get home but that's probably not the root cause since others can connect without trouble (just slightly slower speeds).

    Thanks for the replies so far. Appreciate any other advice to come.
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