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i have a Dell XPS M2010 which has a Manufacturing Mode [40] error now when i boot the machine.

its asks me to type in Fn-X to get out of it but i cannot get to type this because the keyboard does not seem to synchronise fast enough to send it to the main cpu before it jumps out of it

i have attached a generic keyboard to the machine via the usb but there is no fn key in the keyboard which the M2010 kbd has.

can someone please assist as i am not a hardware techo on what i have to do. i have read some threads and they talk about an asset tag - i do not have this info on me either.

is there someway i can hardware reset this machine so that it does not go into this manufacturing mode at all ?

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  1. This is a message that you normally only see with a new system board. If it's suddenly started doing this I think it probably indicates a hardware error.

    You say that you're not a hardware techno, so I think your best bet is to talk to either Dell or a repair shop to see what they can suggest and how much a repair would cost.
  2. Hold down the function key and start tapping X before the message comes up... if that doesn't clear it, then follow ijack's suggestion.
  3. This is what worked for me. Plug a usb keyboard into the system. Keep tapping the f2 key until you get in to the system setup. arrow down to maintenance and servicetag. Enter the service tag for your system. You can only do this once so get it correct. then go to post behavior/ fn key emulation. enable the scroll lock key. then go to Save and exit the bios or system setup. reboot the system and tap the scroll lock key and x key simultaneously until the system starts to boot. Now the system should boot normally.
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