Upgraded ATI drivers and now my screen is fairly dim

I have an ATI x1950XT AGP video card. It (and the drivers) Have been fine. I just upgraded to the most recent driver (Vista June 2007) and my screen is pretty dim and possibly slightly fuzzy (although it could just look that way because it's dim). I have to squint to read. It was previously fairly bright (just on the default settings).

I tried uninstalling and it looks fine, but then when i reinstall the new drivers it does the same thing.

I just tried adjusting the monitor's brightness but that doesnt work too well - i think there's something slightly off (it looks a little off or just barely fuzzy enough to not look right) - it's hard to explain

anyone know of any problem with the new drivers?
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  1. ??
  2. This (or something like this) happened to my dad's pc. I had donated my old ATI card and installed drivers, but after reboot there was something a little off and looking at it made me go nuts :pt1cable: It was slightly out of focus but in a weird way, and I know it was relatively easy to fix. I can't remember exactly but it was either at the wrong res after install or I used the monitors auto-adjust. Still, your problem could be entirely different so goodluck. :D
  3. See what resolution it's running the monitor at, it may be different than what it was before.
  4. Dont know of any set prob with the drivers but thanks for bringing it to our attention so i guess you will be running with the old drivers untill the next release then :D.
  5. Open up CCC,in the color settings make sure you check MCE under black and white levels

  7. Uninstall the new drivers and try going back to the older version. If that doesn't work, take out the card, chuck it onto the freeway during rushhour, then go to your local computer store and buy an nvidia. ;)
  8. Your Welcome!
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