weird e6400 temp

i finally built my system last week, and it runs fine except the temps are quite confusing.

when i start my computer, the temperature reads about 24c, and cpu fan turned off. just 3 seconds later it jumps to 41-43c, with fan at ~700 rpm.

i thought this was acceptable, until i installed intel TAT. it shows a temp of 65c idle!!!! and the moment i click on the 'go' button in orthos, it takes less than a second for the temp to soar ~74c!!(somehow TAT detects my processor to be a pentium M!!) however the ETC tool that came with my gigabyte mobo always shows 20c less.(41c idle, 57c load)

should i be worried? what do u guys average? i have plans to overclock in the future, but my current temp seems to disagree with me!!

my spec:
e6400(stock speed, stock cooler)
gigabyte g965
mushkin em6400 (2gb)
evga 8800 gts
toughpower 600w
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  1. Try reseting the heatsink and make sure all the pins are fully locked down.
    TAT reads 15 degrees higher than my bios and Speedfan does, but your temps still seem high. Download Speedfan an see what it reports.
  2. is ur bios up to date? and like was mentioned before make sure your heatsink is on correctly, because 90% of the time, thats the problem
  3. I never used TAT but i was under the impression that the temperature reported with TAT is at 100% (simulated) load, you only need to run orthos if your measuring the temperature with CoreTemp or Speedfan. (I could be wrong... Somebody correct me if I'm wrong)

    Read this if you haven't already:
  4. If you have your heatsink on correctly, and the temp. still high like that, I recommend you to buy another heat sink. Most intel stock heat sink are suck. I had a same problem before. I have an e6600 and the temp is in high 60s C and mid 70s C when load. When I swap the heatsink, and the max temp is ever see on my system is 44C. Get the Zalman, it works very well with intel duo 2.
  5. tsf said:

    my spec:
    e6400(stock speed, stock cooler)
    gigabyte g965
    mushkin em6400 (2gb)
    evga 8800 gts
    toughpower 600w

    I have the same motherboard...

    I've had problems with the fan speed controller on the motherboard. You may need to go into the BIOS and change it a bit. There's about 3 different options.

    I have not yet flashed the BIOS but I need to because my CPU fan will not even spin during the first 5-6 seconds of boot.
  6. just when i thought things couldn't get any weirder! now i have a fan spinning faster than a ferrari engine.

    i'm currently a bit busy now, will check the heatsink as soon as i can.(i actually paid a pro to do that, if he screws up then he is in a lotta trouble!!)
  7. Your temps are too high, you need to reseat the heatsink.. clean it up, and use a decent thermal compound. Part of the problem is your case temps are 45! What are your ambient temps. Open up your case and point a 24" box fan at it and see what effect that has.

    You should read the guide that pshrk suggested.

    TAT gives Tjunction temperatures, Temp 2 in speedfan is your Tcase temperature, which is probably what shows up in your Bios as your CPU temp. Speed fan normally displays the Tjunction as well, it will show up at Core0 and Core1 below the other temps. Tjunction temps SHOULD BE HIGHER than Tcase temps. From the temp guide:

    (B) The Delta between Tcase (BIOS, Motherboard Utilities and SpeedFan: CPU or Temp X) and Tjunction (TAT and SpeedFan: Core 0 / Core 1) is ~ 15c +/- 3c.

    (C) 50c Tcase and 65c Tjunction are safe and sustainable temperatures.

    You should be worried about being over both of these temps. :ouch:

    DFI Infinity P965-S DARK
    Intel Core 2 Duo E6420 (8x400)
    Thermalright Ultra-120 CPU cooler lapped w/ Scythe S-FLEX SFF21F
    Thermalright HR-05 NB cooler
    Crucial Ballistix 4X1GB DDR2 800 / 1:1
    Corsair HX620W
    eVGA 8800GTS 320 MB superclocked
    WD Raptor 150 GB
    Sony NEC Optiarc SATA
    Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit
  8. one of the clips of the heatsink was loose, i fixed it but didn't reduce the temp by very much. at TAT full load, the temp reaches 64c in speedfan and 38c idle. safe yet?!!?
  9. Tsf
    1. I would update your speed fan from 4.28 to ver 4,32, Willl add the core0/1 temps.
    2. I think your temps (under load) are still high for stock. My C2D (OC'd to 3.2) under Tat 100% load is 56 C (Ambient of 23 C). With orthos it is 48 C (Core 0/1 on Tat.

    3. Agree w/Smithdicherson - I do not care for the push pins, I also use Zalman (Have the 9500).

    When you first turn the computer one youre CPU is at room temp. The fan (default setting) will not start spinning untill the CPU them hits Approx 30 C, then as temp goes up - fan speed increases. I changed Bios setting to run max. Have an external control for fan speed.

    I have Speedfan, TAT, and Coretemp. For Core 0/1, Speedfan and Coretemp read 1 to 2 degrees less than TAT. I normally use TAT to check temps. Run Orthoes to check Memory and CPU stability, and to check temps under high load. Tat, when CPU test is start, simulates a MAXIUM load.
  10. buying a aftermarket cooler is nice, but i will buy it sometime later.
    so far i did some things and up with this:

    TAT load:


    thats the best that can happen for now.

    question:how do you turn off cpu fan control? i tried everything that said "fan" in bios, but it wont rotate above 900rpm.

    thnx for your input guys, sorry to disappoint you!!
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