will the gfx manage the display?

Hi there

I'm about to buy a new samsung 206BW display, but as I'm not getting a new computer until the end of the summer, i have some questions about how it will work.

I got a 6600GT 256 mb, amd athlon 64 3800+ and 1 gig ram. I normally play 1024x768 and 1200x1024 without any problems on medium/high with 2 AA. What settings do you reckon I can have when I play at the 206BW's native resolution?

if I can't play with the screen's native resolution but just have it in windows, how will it look to play in a non-native resolution (bad/acceptable/good)?

thank you for all answers :)
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  1. Well i see your monitor supports 1680x1050, if you wan't to play at that resolution i think the 6600gt will strugle.
    You could try getting a x1950pro they are quite cheap these days.
  2. i'm looking to buy a 8800 GTS 320 mb next month, but can't wait to buy the monitor.

    but how will it look if i play at 1200x1024 or any other resolution in between atm? is it worth trying or should I wait until i get the new computer?
  3. What interface is your 6600? PCI-E?

    If its PCI-E you want at least a 7900GT to play most games comfortably at max settings, more likely an 8800GTS, (400w PSU or more)
  4. sadly, it's not even pci-e. it's agp.
  5. maybe should go for the new computer first, and then the monitor:)
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