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My first post. This weak Im going to buy a new PC and I have problems with chosing the wright motherboard. I actualy have a list of motherboards which I can afoard and I personaly think are good enough.

Asus P5KC

Asus P5WD2

I dont have no experience with chipsets and I really dont follow the news about it. Some guys at another forum sayed that I should buy another mother board with P35 Chipset, so I wonder what is the diffrence betwen P35 and 955X or are theese chipsets both bad. Main thing is what motherboard should I buy from this list?

Thank you for your answers, sorry for my English, and I hope I wrote this topic in the wright section.

Swosh <3
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  1. These boards are quite different from each other. The P5KC has the P35 chipset which is the latest. It will support all of the latest CPUs and even supports the upcoming DDR3 RAM (not worth it now). Until DDR3 is viable, it will still run DDR2.

    The P5WD2 has an older 955X chipset which doesn't support the latest Core2Duo CPUs. It only supports Pentium 4s. So the question is what CPU are you planning on?

    If it were me, I'd go with the newer technology (P35) but it all depends on your budget.
  2. hmmm... I was just looking at the ASUS P35KC, thats a 'compatible-maybe with the right memory' approach. Not as good as having 2 slots of DDR2 and 2 slots of DDR3. This Gigabyte P35 board has the 2 sets of memory slots if this is the kind of 'future-proof' you want. I hope its reliable.

  3. Oh I didnt know that board do not support dual core, I just saw 755 and Dual core. I have the money to buy P5KC, the diffrence in cost is little.
    Thank you for your help.

    I will have 2 slots on board in use because of 2x 2Gb memory. How many slots will be free for DDR2 and DDR3?
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