Will an FSP Booster work with my ATI RADEON X1650 Pro 512MB DDR AGP Cd

Hi all. I seem to be having a little trouble in that my four year old HP Pavilion 754n came with a 200 watt power supply. As you all know, I need a much better power supply to use the better graphics cards.

I just bought an ATI RADEON X1650 Pro 512MB DDR AGP Graphics Card and need at least a 350 watt power supply but can't find any power supplies that fit into my case. I was thinking the FSP Booster might do the trick but I'm not sure if the graphics card has the right connection or place to hook up the power supply.

Any ideas for this predicament of mine? Any help would be appreciated as I'm going to have to limp along with my old computer for another year or so.

Thanks for any help. :-)
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  1. You will need a female PCIx 6pin to male 4pin molex adapter to hook this up, most I've seen are the opposite.
    This replacement power supply should fit, its not a well known brand but it got ok reviews on newegg :

    Also for the $89 it cost for the Booster you could get a new standard case and powersupply, here is an example for $90 after the rebate:
    FSP 500 watt with 30 amps on the 12volt rail:
    Coolermaster Elite 330:
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