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Crunching images

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a b α HP
September 4, 2010 6:42:00 PM

Hi! I am ready to launch my website but my computer, a HP Vista 32 bit
3.5 gig that is only 1/22 full....tells me there is not enough memory to complete that task.
I was advised to "crunch images."
Can anyone give me a short explanation on how to do that?

Thank you,
Patti MANN

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September 4, 2010 9:24:59 PM

Tell precisly what you were doing when you got this message.
3.5 GB is as much as you can get on a 32 bit OS and should be enough for most home pc usage situations.
I only have 3GB and can record 3 digital tv channels in one go and edit the resulting movie files without any problems.
"I was advised to "crunch images." " Not sure what they mean here, but you can reduce the image size and quality to make files smaller if required using most photo edditing programs like Picasa and PaintDotNet.
a b α HP
September 5, 2010 3:17:09 AM

Hi! Thank you so much for responding.
I have built a 56 page website. Up until the
last two pages were done, I was having no problem.
Ready to launch, I selected "save" my last changes and whalla!
A window pops up that says, "There is not enough memory to complete this action.
Remove some programs before continuing.
I talked with a local tech. He said is had nothing to do with my hard drive size, nor my ram...but all the images have "busy-ness or noise" that takes up space.
The images consist of photos and illustrations from, and Microsoft Images,
and include all the text boxes I have laid out and filled with color.
I currently have 808 images, including text boxes on my site.

Again, as I state before, I was able to "save" even when I had as many as 750 images...but now no deal. ]
The tech told me the images would require "crunching" to reduce their "busy-ness or noise" which takes up space?

Anxious to hear from you