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Hi! I am ready to launch my website but my computer, a HP Vista 32 bit
3.5 gig that is only 1/22 full....tells me there is not enough memory to complete that task.
I was advised to "crunch images."
Can anyone give me a short explanation on how to do that?

Thank you,
Patti MANN
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  1. Tell precisly what you were doing when you got this message.
    3.5 GB is as much as you can get on a 32 bit OS and should be enough for most home pc usage situations.
    I only have 3GB and can record 3 digital tv channels in one go and edit the resulting movie files without any problems.
    "I was advised to "crunch images." " Not sure what they mean here, but you can reduce the image size and quality to make files smaller if required using most photo edditing programs like Picasa and PaintDotNet.
  2. Hi! Thank you so much for responding.
    I have built a 56 page website. Up until the
    last two pages were done, I was having no problem.
    Ready to launch, I selected "save" my last changes and whalla!
    A window pops up that says, "There is not enough memory to complete this action.
    Remove some programs before continuing.
    I talked with a local tech. He said is had nothing to do with my hard drive size, nor my ram...but all the images have "busy-ness or noise" that takes up space.
    The images consist of photos and illustrations from, and Microsoft Images,
    and include all the text boxes I have laid out and filled with color.
    I currently have 808 images, including text boxes on my site.

    Again, as I state before, I was able to "save" even when I had as many as 750 images...but now no deal. ]
    The tech told me the images would require "crunching" to reduce their "busy-ness or noise" which takes up space?

    Anxious to hear from you
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