Nvidia 8 Series Card with AMD X2 6000+

I was wondering which card in the nvidia 8 series would be best to use in unison with the amd x2 6000+

i just don't want the card to be bottle necked or anything. this new build is going to be my last for awhile, and even though it's a bit dated, it just needs to stay within my budget, with the exception of the video card. i don't mind going all out for that.
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  1. Any of the 8800s would work great with that cpu. The only "bottleneck" you may see would be with a GTX, and that wouldnt be alot. The old axiom goes, for gaming, the single most important upgrade one can make is your gfx card. The 8800s and the 2900 are the only cards fast enough to even see some bottlenecking, and thats mainly the 2900 and the GTX. And remember, youll only notice any kind of bottleneck if youre gaming at 16x10 or higher res
  2. check Anandtech.com review on C2D 6750.
    It will show you the difference between X2 6000 & E6420,
    Card used is a 8800GTX
    You will be happy with both.
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