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Over the last month, I've been waiting for sales, rebates, etc for new computer parts, waiting anxiously for the July 22nd price cut by Intel. Sorry I haven't been to these forums in a long while, so I'm not sure if this has been discussed extensively or not.

For one, I still haven't decided on a processor. I'm pretty set on the Intel P35 chipset (maybe the Gigabyte mobo), which means I can go for a new processor if I wanted. But is the 1333MHz really that significant that I should bypass the hopefully cheaper 1066MHz counterparts? I've been eyeing the E6600, but maybe the E6550 will be a better buy with the new FSB? The E6550 is priced at $163, but is that for us, or is that priced at what resellers would be paying? Also, is there any speculation for our cost for the older E6600 come July 22nd? Maybe I should even consider the E6400 and overclocking it, since I've heard the extra 2MB of cache is almost negligible. Can anyone provide any input on that?

Also, what do you think the stock situation will be like for these processors? Come July 22nd, do you think we'll be having a hard time buying any processors because everywhere will be out of stock?

I've been waiting so long for this completed system, I'm starting to get antsy!
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  1. well, the p35 chip set is a really great chip set, i think you should get that one, it supports not only 1333MHz FSB, but also the new 45nm CPU's so you can upgrade later. If i were you i would get the e6600, but im still not sure on that because i haven't seen any benchmarks yet.
    also, Gigabyte makes good motherboards (i have had good luck with them)
    i am also going to build a new system after price drops, but im getting a E6850 :)
  2. E6850? Enjoy your beast :)
  3. Can anyone else help me and provide their opinions?
  4. Well, you've already got great advice there, not much to add. Get the GA-P35-DS3R motherboard and an E6850, it will be great. :p

    Between E6550 at $163 and E6850 at $266: The E6850 adds 29% to the speed (3 GHz vs 2.33 GHz) while increasing the total cost of your PC by 7% or so. I'd say it's worth it. There will be GPU-bound games where the E6550 will do just as good, but there will also be things like video encoding or Flight Simulator where the CPU matters a lot.
  5. But can't the speed gap be shortened with a good overclocking of the processor? Let's say I can overclock the 2.33MHz to 3.00 GHz... even though the 6850 will probably be able to be overclocked to 3.XX, wouldn't 3.0 be good enough for most things?

    I'm not a hardcore gamer or anything, and I was looking at the E6550 and E6600 for budget reasons. I guess I assumed once I got to the 4MB cache zone, the clock stops mattering as much because we can O/C
  6. Absolutely, the E6550 will be good enough for most things, even without overclocking. 90% or 95% of PCs out there are probably less powerful than that. If you don't need more power why waste the money on something faster.

    That being said, overclocking means additional costs for a better cooler and/or fans. Make sure you consider that too before you decide.

    When are you planning to upgrade the CPU again? If you expect it to happen in 2008 then I'd go with the E6550.

    If you're not a hardcore gamer, then what will you do with this PC? If it's something like video encoding or CAD or programming or databases then your best bet might be the Q6600.
  7. The problem with overclocking is stability. Some C2D CPUs can run with very high FSB's, but remember you also place your motherboard under strain.

    you are right in that there isnt much difference between a 6550 and a 6850. But there is one important difference - the multiplier. that being locked on both, you cant raise their clockspeeds without raising the fsb. thats the problem. if you could change FSB and multiplier, you could do whatever you like.
  8. aevm,

    I'm actually planning on buying a new processor midnight July 22nd :) I have half my components already, just waiting for the price drops.


    I thought you could change the multiplier and the FSB with Intel processors.. but maybe I've misread some articles. I thought I saw sites list different multiplier/FSB combo's to get to different speeds.
  9. The versions with unlocked multipliers have an X in their names (X6800, QX6700, etc.). They're too expensive for my taste though :cry:
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