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I recently built a new computer from scratch (my first such attempt) and after everything there is one final problem. Networking.

Basically I have an old-ish (couple of years) wireless Adaptor that I intended to use with my new rig, it's a Belkin F5D9050B (Belkin site doesn't recognise it with the B on the end) and it's version 3000. I found the CD that came with it but it doesn't seem to actually have any damn drivers on the CD or anything, there was an app that came with it but it doesn't install correctly and doesn't work.

Basically I don't mind not having the app because Windows can control it, but all the drivers I find don't work and I wondered if anyone has any that work with Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit. Anyone?

Or can you get the drivers I DO have to work, am I missing something? This should be the link for it:

Thanks guys
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  1. EDIT: Alternatively does anyone know a reasonably priced Wireless Adaptor that works with Vista 64 bit?

    (also can someone tell me why it won't let me edit previous freaking messages?) :)
  2. Five problems here:
    1) Belkin support is a little patchy
    2) Some Belkin adapters use Windows to manage the connection rather their own freestanding utilities so you are reliant on compatibility with that version of Windows
    3) It's an old adapter on a new operating system
    4) It's Vista
    5) It's Vista 64

    I am sympathetic, honestly, but I think you are loading the odds against yourself.

    Suggest Googling for a relevant chipset driver (Broadcom etc) for the Linksys adapter which at least promises to work with Vista 64

    Or visit a dealer and be prepared to pay full price for a new adapter in exchange for reliable advice and his agreement to refund if it doesn't work.
  3. Sorry not Linksys in previous post, but Belkin obviously. It would be nice to be able to edit.
  4. Hello,

    I'm a new user so excuse me if this has been answered before.

    I have a Belkin F5D7010 version 3000 and it has worked perfectly for years. I used it at college on my toshiba A60 laptop and it connected and stayed connected to the network. Then when I had a wireless modem from Clearwire with a Linksys router it worked fine as well. Then I decided to get Eircom (Irish Telecom) installed for their 3 MB broadband. They use a Netopia router with WPA. After putting in the WPA key, I click connect and it tries to "acquire network address" and then it just doesn't connect. I spent ages talking to Eircom but as it is not the router that is causing the problem they cant help me. I contacted Belkin and they dont have a clue! Eircom were thinking that the Belkin is conflicting with the wireless manager on the laptop but Belkin dont know what this means...any help? I'm running Windows XP home. Of course I must add that all of a sudden after hours of trying to connect, it will, for no apparent reason, as it has just done so, so the belkin adapter is actually functioning correctly. If I dont turn off the laptop or let it sleep then it will stay connected but if I were to disconnect now then it would another few hours or maybe a day when it would connect again.
  5. If you can eliminate simple wireless signal strength or interference issues, it sounds like a chipset conflict between the Belkin and the router.

    This is more common than you'd imagine (source, Netgear forum). Usually causes problem with wireless encryption. To check try turning off WPA.

    You could try WEP or Access List by MAC ID instead (not really secure but they'll fox casual bandwidth borrowers).

    If you do use WEP make sure you apply the router's HEX translation to the Belkin rather than the passphrase from which it was translated.
  6. thanks so much for that reply. your first bit made sense about there being a conflict and i would agree that it is the WPA that is causing it as my unsecured router worked fine.

    not sure how to do WEP...but i will find out! can you explain why the conflict stops all of a sudden and allows it to connect? (i'm still working wirelessly, tis great as my phone line is all the way on the other side of the room :D )
  7. Have you found a solution for this pb ?
    Tks you to answer. 2 years later a got the same pb..:-(
  8. unfortunately not....i just keep the router unsecured but only have it on in the evening time and i dont think anyone has been borrowing my internet...not that i would know. my internal wireless card on my new netbook works fine with the eircom router WAP but the belkin still does not work...oh well!
  9. The way to get around all these wireless issues is to NOT use wireless network adapters. Instead, use a wireless Ethernet bridge (WEB).

    [wireless router]<--wireless-->[wireless ethernet bridge]<--wire-->[pc]

    There are numerous other brands and types, that's just an example. It's the principle that matters more. Because wireless is managed entirely within the bridge itself, you have no OS/driver dependencies. All you need is a wired Ethernet connection. Heck, even future releases of Windows, Linux, or just about ANYTHING will continue to work if you use a WEB.
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