New Hard Drive/DVD problem.....Help!

OK here's the deal. I have a PC with 120 GB EIDE ATA/100 WD hdd that is in the process of failing. I want to replace it with a 160 GB WD EIDE ATA/100 hdd that I just bought. When I install the new 160 GB hdd my system will not boot up from the DVD drive. I have set the DVD drive as the boot drive in BIOS and BIOS does in fact see the new hdd with the full 160 GB capacity. I have an Asus A7V266 motherboard with the latest BIOS (this is a somewhat older mobo so the latest BIOS is from 2003). I have tried everything I can think of but nothing works. Now heres the kicker....when I put the 120 GB drive back in it will boot from the DVD with no problems. I am trying to install Windows Vista which I am currently running on the failing drive with no issues. I thought BIOS was not seeing the new drive but it does show up and sees the full capacity so I dont think it is the 137 GB limitation for older hardware deal. Here are my sytem specs:

Asus A7V266 motherboard
AMD Athlon 2400 processor
Nvidia GeForce 6800 video
SoundBlaster Audigy SE audio
WD 120 GB EIDE ATA/100 hdd (hopefully soon a 160 GB WD hdd)

Does anyone have any clue as to what is causing this? I have the hard drives set to cable select since the cable is an 80 wire cable. My optical drives are set top Master (Sony DVD drive) and Slave ( HP CD-RW) as they do not use the 80 wire ribbon cables. I have tried to boot from my Vista DVD in the Sony Dvd Drive set as boot drive, my Windows XP CD from my Sony, my Windows XP from my HP drive set as boot drive and still noting until I re-install the 120 GB hdd. Any suggestions? If anyone needs any additional info from me I would be happy to provide it. Thanks!
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  1. Is the BIOS set to AUTO in the hard drive section. Some motherboards remember the old drive settings unless you 'detect' the new drive. If the new drive will not work on its own, try new cable, or Try setting new drive to Master. If no joy, it is faulty, get it changed. When you do get working drive, install both (120 as master) and use utility from drive manufacturer to copy 120 onto new drive, then shutdown, remove 120 and install new drive as master and startup.

  2. Mike,
    Yes, it is set to auto and the BIOS does in fact show the new 160 GB drive as primary master. Currently it's jumper is set to cable select. I will pull the jumper completely and see if it works then. Western Digital documentation says that setting would be for a single drive. Also, what if I set it as slave on the primary IDE cable to see if Windows sees it. If it does at least I will know if the drive is functioning or not. Thanks for your input.
  3. Yes you can try it as a slave, with or without the 120, but if it will not let you boot from CD when it is connected, there is a problem!
  4. Mike,
    Does Data Lifeguard Tools actually copy over all files including the OS? if it does, it is the most awesome tool ever. It just seems a little too good to be true. I have set the new drive up as slave to the 120 gb (old drive) and windows did in fact see the new drive. I ran data lifeguard tools and told it to set the new drive up as the new boot drive. The program created the partition and formatted it. it is now copying over the files. So, in theory, all I would need to do is set the new drive up as master, reboot the PC and be done. Am I right?

  5. Mike,
    Quick update: The files finally finished copying over. I moved the new drive over to master and rebooted. It would not load Windows however, it will no boot from the Vista DVD so it looks like I will be able to get it up and working. Just need to install Windows on it. Thanks for your suggestions and tips.

  6. I've never used Data Lifeguard ( I use Norton Ghost). Did you read the instructions? Did you reboot with ONLY the new HD installed?

  7. Yes, I did read the instructions but they are not real clear but the main thing is it will boot to the DVD so installing Vista is not a problem. I have a good backup so I can restore everything pretty easliy. I still may try Ghost though. Thanks dude.
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