First real OC... heat concern question..

OC'd my 805 D to 3.36ghz (20x168) and it seems stable (ran orthos, memtest) (rams at about 670)
sys specs.. 805D, giga965pS3, 2x1gig ddr 675 (xms2), 7600GT, antec sp500, freezer 7 pro

My main concern right now is how hot the northbridge heat sink seems to be.... I can't hold my finger on it for more than a couple seconds max

My cpu heatsink is warm to the touch but not nearly as hot as NB heatsink

I never upped the cpu voltage, but EasyTune5 reports it at 1.49 and Speed Fan reports it at 1.47 (and then a ridiculous 1.9 for vcore2)....
Right Mark Cpu Clock is showing 1.388 and that's what it appears to be in bios as well...
Easy tune and speed fan just false readings? voltage would'nt jump up unless I upped it myself right?

Easy Tune and Speed Fan show cpu at around 55C under load.. low 40's idle... decent temps at 3.36 ghz?
(note... can't get RM Cpu Clock to show temps)

I was thinking about increasing the OC, cause all seems stable, but that NB temp makes me nervous.... anyone know if theres a program that would give me that exact temp? Anyone oc an s3 mobo and have a real hot NB heat sink?
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  1. cpuZ shows 1.472v
  2. if it bothers you that much you could try using a new heatsink/fan and using some thermal paste. as for programs to monitor temps i dont know of any that work really well
  3. 60mm fan and rubber bands, they're your friend.

    Otherwise spend $20 and get a real NB heatsink. Thermaltake Extreme Spirit II.....I highly recommend it.
  4. bumped it up to 3.6ghz..temps 55c load and 45c idle... anyone had similiar experiences with 805?

    did some reading and it looks like voltage readings are in the right area... s3 mobo "auto" volts

    i think I might even have a little fan somewhere that I can rig to nb heatsink
  5. before going to sleep last night I reset everything to default...
    checked northbridge just now and it's just as hot as when I OC...
    probably normal on the giga965P-s3
  6. Yes, the DS3/S3 mobos' Northbridge are very warm to begin with. Do some OC'ing and they got hot. A little fan will do wonders, because other than that, these boards are GREAT.
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