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Recommended anti-virus/malware programs - current ones problemattic

I wonder if forum members could share their thoughts on what are the best anti-virus/malware programs. I ask because the ones I'm using have failed to stop some viruses getting onto my system.

I use Zone Alarm and Malware Bytes. Once I detected a problem on my system I did some research and came across Combofix. The program did uncover one virus that had altered a Windows file. However, it missed another Trojan. I only found out about this Trojan when I was checking what software was running in Taskmaster. This was pure chance. I deleted the Trojan manually as the website that identified the process as a Trojan directed, but then got a Windows message that informed me that some Service Pack 3 files had been altered (presumably by the now deleted Trojan).

So I'm not too happy with Zone Alarm and Malware Bytes. I'd like something more effective.

I'd be very grateful for any recommendations anyone can provide.

My thanks for your suggestions in advance
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  2. Malwarebytes on it's lonesome is not enough to protect a system. As far as I'm aware it's a manual run scanner; it's not active all the time. You must use an active Virus scanner to be effective. Manual scanners like Malwarebytes are just useful additions to your anti-virus arsenal.

    I quite like AVG Free.

    Second Comodo Firewall.
  3. Thanks for the advice. I'm looking into them.
  4. Ok, let us know which software you choose!

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