my drive dissapeared

to start from beginning, I bought a 320GB seagate SATA drive. I also bought a PCI slicon image SATA controller for it since my system is completely IDE.
Everything was working fine, i could access the drive through windows xp and no problems at all.
I was doing a windows update, there was a updated driver for the controller so i installed it. since then i cant access the drive through XP. I unistalled the driver and reinstalled the original i have on a cd. this didn't help either.
The drive was listed in the device manager under disk drives before the update, now it is gone. I had it look for new hardware, nothing is found except the controller itself.
I have also tried to use the disk manager in windows to find it. it doesn't see it there either. I have tried to right click on the manager and told windows to rescan the disks, still doesn't detect it. it was there before, because i had to use this to format the new drive.
if i open the raid utility, the drive is listed there, also if i use the controller bios when the system boots up it sees it also.
I have tried disconnecting the drive from the controller, reboot the system, shutdown, then reconnect the drive,just to see if windows would detect it, and that didn't help.
I moved the controller to a different PCI slot just to see if windows would rescan it. it sees the controller, but not the drive.

I am ready to pull my hair out. I have built about 20 systems myself, but this is my first time playing with a RAID of any sort. i hope all of them isn't like this. uugghh.

any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
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  1. windows might be able to detect it in safe mode maybe (assuming it loads the necessary pci controller drivers), if thats the case, then some update or system change is probably interfering, so a system restore might be necessary then
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