Configuring WGR614 v9

So I'm trying to configure a Netgear WGR614 v9 to add to an existing Linksys router. The problem I'm having is just configuring the WGR614 v9. I connected the router to a computer, turned it on, and I am unable to access the configure page by going to It just keeps coming up with page not found. Do I need to use a crossover cable for this? Or does anybody have any ideas why it wouldn't work?

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  1. See if works.

    If not connect the computer to the Linksys (or the Netgear -- I can't quite figure what you are trying to achieve) by ethernet.

    Go to Windows Start, All Programs, Accessories, Command Prompt and type IPCONFIG /ALL which should show you the router's IP address (next to the word gateway).

    You don't need a crossover cable to connect a computer to a router.

    If you are trying to add another wireless router as a wireless access point read this:
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