X1950XT or stick with the 7800GS AGP?


I have been looking at the new ATi AGP offering recently and wondering if I should get one.
I'm running a p4 3.2 @ 3.36 on an ASUS m/b with 2gb of Corsair DDR400 and a XFX 7800gs AGP at 490/1.35.
Overall I'm quite happy with how it's running at the moment; It gives me mid 30's-40 FPS on BF2, max qual at 1280x1024 and I get 0-5% below 25fps on the FEAR demo, max qual at 1024x768, so most of my current games are playable in their high/max settings.
However, I've seen in some benchmarks that the X1950Pro beats the 7800gs by anything between 10-30%, and the xt x is supposed to be faster still. I think I could get a XT and sell my 7800 on Ebay with the net cost being about £20-40 so i'm wondering if it could be worth it in the interim before PCIE?
On the other hand I have read some scare stories about the ATi drivers, and also about the overheating on these cards?
Basically, is it worth it considering my spec or should I just stop farting around and save for a core duo/new amd system!? Any thoughts?
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  1. ATI drivers were crap back 7 seven years ago or more, now they're damn good drivers. Sometimes better than Nvidia's.

    If you're pretty happy with your actual performance, don't waste your time/money/sweat/farts upgrading and stick with what you have until you can't live with it anymore and go for a full system upgrade, I say.

    Edit: it hurts me to say that, I think the X1950XT is an awesome card and I would so love to have it. At the same time I wouldn't pay a penny to upgrade from my actual X800XL since I'm satisfied with the performance.
  2. Agree with Dr_Asik, but if you can get it for a really good price, and you just want something to hold you over while you save for that new machine, the XT is a nice card.
    ATI drivers are very solid and you won't have any problems with them. Yes, the card does run hot, but so do all high-end cards. Just make sure you have good case ventilation and you will be fine. Also, make sure your powersupply can supply the juice the card needs. If you have to upgrade the power supply as well, maybe better to just to hang on and put that money on a new build.
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