New Video Card & PSU installed last night (monitor blinking eh..)

So I bought a x1950 Pro 512 and a 500 Watt Rosewill Power Supply.

I have an athlon x2 3800+ 2gig ram setup (old psu was 300 watt). Gateway GT5082

Anyways installed everything and it works fine (video card idle temp was 55 C. which is a little warm i guess.)

However I have 2 hard drives (1. one is XP and 2. another is a windows server 2003 setup).

Whenever I plugged the power into the second one and I rebooted my monitor was flickering on and off. Almost like there is not enough power? I thought 500 watts was pretty good for one video card ! Surely one hard drive extra is not breaking the bank powering the whole system.

Anyways I unplugged the second hard drive and the problem went away. would have gotten a 600 watt if needed? bleh....
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  1. Your 500 watt psu doesnt supply as much amperage on the 12 volt rails as my 420 watt enermax. My 420 watt can power a 1900xt 512mb 1HD 1 dvd/cd write a 185 opteron and 4 sticks of ram. But Im pushing it. The 1950 pro pulls alot of juice, youre 2 HDDs also. My 420 watt goes 18 amps each 12 volt rail, while yours does 16 and 18 on each rail respectively. Id get another psu if I were you
  2. might grab that thermal take vid power supply later.

    I'll try to use the other 6 pin connector to the vid card maybe I overloaded one side......
  3. yo man, i have a 550watt PSU and running a 1950pro ocd, e6600 ocd and a couple of cdrom drives and neons here and there and 2 hard drives; dont forget the fans.

    Honestly, i dont think that its your PSU. an X1950pro with 512mb mem has a min power requirement of 450watts, uve got 500. get the latest drivers; CCC7.6 and try adjusting the refresh rate. in CCC you can force refresh rates, dont that would case your screen to blink.

    if you have a second psu, hot wire it and run only the card off it. if the blinking stops post back saying i'm wrong. if it doesnt stop the problem and you tryed what i told you then its the screen...highly unlikely

    good luck

    you'll see the x1950 pro peak power consumption is 65.7W, my guess is that because your PSU splits the +12V rail, you might have overloaded one of them, so my advice to you is to try several wiring configurations.
  5. it's a rosewill... there's a decent chance it may be the PSU.
  6. i was gone for a few weeks , i will hot wire my old 300 watt psu to the video card see if that power supply is the problem! oh yeah i need to get a copy of 300 the movie...hehe...

    also i will get the new drivers... thanks for the good info !.......
  7. Agree with Emp.
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