AST Drivers problem... no PS/2

Hey Everyone,

I have on hand an old AST computer. You know, those miny computer towers that are about 8 years old XP.
I currently am experiencing a very big problem with this thing. Like some of you may know... those miny towers DO NOT have any PS/2 slots, therefore you need usb mice and keyboards to function it.

I'm currently running with WIN98, and before the OS actually starts to desktop, they ask to install drivers... Now how in hell do we install drivers that go with the mouse and the keyboard, with the mouse and the keyboard, they are BEING configured! They don`t work!

If anyone can help me with this it'd be great. I cannot tell you any more about this pc than the facts that its a pentium III and that it runs 98... I tried installing xp and it does not work... maybe my HDD is not big enough... I need urgent help.

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  1. Can you get into the BIOS, i.e., is the driver request right as Windows starts installing? If it works, try installing the drivers from a bootable floppy. Have you tried a different keyboard/mouse? If your keyboard/mouse have to use a plug to convert to USB, try a set with USB connections
  2. I suspect your problem is that Win98 doesn't natively support USB (it needs to have USB drivers installed).
    However, surely the computer will accept an old-style "AT" keyboard/connector and can use a serial port mouse -- that's the way to go with this.
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