SLI Card in a Dell XPS?

I have a Gen 4 Dell XPS (Pentium 4, 2gb Ram, Nvidia 6800GTO) I want to get a new video card in hopes to get another year or so out of this computer. Being a few years old, I know this is not a SLI motherboard. If I buy a SLI video card will it still work in my non SLI mobo? I'm looking at the BFG GeForce 7950GT
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  1. Yes.

    SLI Video cards can work alone so long as the PC has the proper slot.
    In your case, be sure to check the PSU requirements of the card and your PSU.

    Normally it's a close call.
    The XPS PCs do have better PSUs than normal Dells but definately verify in advance. You don't want to blow your PSU and possible entire PC.
  2. According to a review that I found online it has a 460w PSU. Of course I will have to verify that once I get home.
  3. Are you trying to add 2 7950's to go sli? Or replace the 6800gto with a 7950?
  4. Just a single 7950 card
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