Which is a better buy?

guys which do you recommend is a better buy in terms of price/performance the E4400 or E6320? Thanks in advance =D
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  1. E4400 only has an 800mhz FSB, but overclocks nicely
    E6320 has either double of quadruple the cache, but also overclocks nicely with a 1066mhz FSB

    What apps are you going to be running? And what speed memory?
  2. I would say the E4300 or E4400.

    They are cheaper and will result nearly identical performance when OC'd.

    In fact, either CPU will likely give you more power than you need.

    My E4300 is running at 3.0Ghz.

    I was able to run 3.2Ghz, but under load I could hear my CPU Fan.
    At 3.0 Ghz, its almost completely silent all of the time.

    Even though I do many CPU intensive tasks, I cant feel the difference.

    Take the money savd and upgrade another component such as the GPU which will yield a more noticable difference.

    Or take the money saved and hit the town one night.
    I seriously doubt you will see a difference.

    Where you will see a difference is in the new 1333 FSB chips that are shipping. They will be able to hit new OC levels thanks to the new stepping.

    You will however, need very fast RAM (1066+) and likely a P35 mobo to reach the FSB to really push these chips to the limit.
  3. True,

    What is the difference between

    FSB speed and L2 cache size?
  4. ok thanks for the info guys =D
  5. 6320
  6. i have e6420, if i can re-buy, i would go for e4300 or e4400
  7. stick with the 6 series and a good mobo unless you have a low end mobo with limited fsb
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