ALT+blue number keys typing smiley faces

I need to type Spanish characters for online clsss. When I use the ALT+blue number keys it types smiley faces or music notes. I need to use this method to type assignments. How can I change the characters to Spanish letters?
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  1. After looking into your question a bit more I saw a few people saying that in order to use the Alt+ codes you need to use the Fn key (Function) + Alt, because these keyboards usually don't have Numpad (i.e. numerical keyboard) unless it's a 17-inch laptop.

    So, if you need the 'ñ', use Fn+Alt+164.

    Also, check out these 3 sites for more information and troubleshooting tips!

    How to Type Spanish Keyboard Symbols:

    Typing Spanish Language Characters on an English keyboard:

    Download on-screen Spanish keyboard for free:

    I hope this helps!

    Brett M,
    Windows Outreach Team
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