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need help overclocking e6600

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July 16, 2007 12:26:47 AM

hello everyone just found this forum so im hoping someone can help me.
i have been saving my money up for a pc and i finnally got it i had this local place build it, i loaded windows and all that other crap. here is my system specs
processor intel E6600 core dual
motherboard asus striker extreme
power supply thermaltake toughpower 750 watt ati crossfire certified
antech 900 advanced gamming case
light on cd/dvd/lightscribe rom drive
500 gig hd
2 gigs of crucial ballistic ram 1066 mhz operating at 800mhz
ati 2900 xt saphire card 1gig ddr4 ram
bfg ageia physx card 128 mb
auzen x-meridian 7.1 sound card
op system windows xp professional 32 bit system.

here our some of the issues that i have delt with so far when i play some of my games it keeps kicking me back to my desktop i have to re click on it to get back to games not all games just some. i think some of it hase to do with that i have nvidia g-force drivers for my mobo and my card is ati with catylist installed. other than that i have had no problems what so ever. i herd there is a hack of some sort so if i want to run crossfire on this motherboard i could but i have not got another video card yet. my question is once i go into my bios the multiplyer is set to 9 wich you can not change i have to change the mhz to like 300 to get 2.7 ghz wich i think this pc can handle stock cpu fan plus i added a fan on side of case total 2 front 1 top 1 side 1 back. i just dont know what else to do besides that i herd you had to change voltage and other stuff can someone please help me raise my cpu. i cant even run 3d mark 06 it wont start cause minimum cpu is 2.5 lol 2.4 not cutting it.

if someone coud help much appreciated also if anyone knows of must have tools from ati or others for my pc please feel free to suggest sites programs anything im definatly looking forward to adding more to this pc in time thanks again.

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July 16, 2007 5:00:59 PM

well to give you guys a update i did get 3d mark06 to run i had to rep[lace a dll in the program for it to open i guess it has issues with 2900xt cards if i raise my ram and core speed from default will this increase my score 9900 was the score i got back, right now the core is like 575 and the ram is the same why is it set so low for default? also that 3rd test in 3d mark 06 runs between 1 and 2 frames go fig i have a agea card is that not what that test is for.
July 18, 2007 9:57:35 AM

First I would put my PC spec's in your sig. Next tell us what happens when you crash and what you have done to try and fix it. Have you updated you bios and what bios version? How have you configured your bios. Avoid very long posts if you can help it cause some would look at this post and become overwelmed. Having a NVidia mobo and ATI card shouldn't be a problem. Also whats your RAM voltage & timing?
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July 18, 2007 10:59:16 AM

Video card driver maybe?
July 18, 2007 9:16:49 PM

this was my first post system lord thanks for nothing looser
give me a break go back to your silly life i fig it out it was the drivers ill be sure not to come here anymore.
July 18, 2007 11:22:08 PM

I must apologize on the behalf of systemlord. For your first post, human decency means people like systemlord should know exactly what's wrong with your PC and know exactly how to fix it. He tried to help you for free, but failed, and therefore he is a loser. In fact, perhaps he should pay you for wasting your time. He will surely give you a break and go back to his silly life of helping people at no cost.
MADHATTERS you must be God! You figured it all by yourself!
And thank you! Thank you for assuring us that you will not come here anymore. We appreciate it so dearly.

The world revolves around you.
July 19, 2007 2:43:53 AM

this was my first post system lord thanks for nothing looser
give me a break go back to your silly life i fig it out it was the drivers ill be sure not to come here anymore.

WOW, I was only trying to help you out man. I gave you some helpful info that would have helped US help you and this is what I get for it. Unbelievable! MAD caused the problem and fix the problem, and now who's the loser now?Go back on your medication man.
July 21, 2007 10:34:41 PM

i am sorry i read it wrong an took it the wrong way thanks for your time and no i dont think im a god far from it. i just been so frustrated because the games keep kicking me back to the desktop for some reason 7.6 drivers dont seem to stick i have to un install and re install about every 2 days then i can get nto games i have no idea why it does this here is my system info.C:\Program Files\Futuremark\3DMark06\systeminfo\SI.xml

im not sure of the timmings 4x4x4x5 im thinking that its the drivers might go with dna instead of catylist.
July 22, 2007 9:45:14 PM

hey man could you please take look in ur crucial ballistic ram 1066 mhz
give me the exact model man, i have an striker extreme also and i had exactly the same problem, i fix it by correcting the memmory voltage and timings in the bios, is not hard but, we do nned the memmory model, for example if it is BL2KIT12864AL1065 this means u have to set voltage to 2.2v and 5-5-5-5-15 timing
there :)  find ur model, post it here, i tell you what to config in ur bios.

nice rig bout the way :o  im confident you will fix ur issues