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Hi there,

I recently and reluctantly, had to restore my Dell using the system restore. Everything is gone of course and I'm reinstalling software.

I have my Acrobat V8 original disk but I cannot find the sleeve with the serial number.
I've looked everywhere of course,
I called tech support,
I tried looking for a serial on the web
and nothing.

I thought about sending the old disk back, if they could return it with a serial number to use but I haven't looked into that just yet.

was wondering if anyone has any other ideas
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  1. Contact Adobe support @

    Adobe Reader 8 and Adobe Acrobat 8 End of Support

    Support for Adobe Reader 8.x and Adobe Acrobat 8.x will end on November 3 2011.

    Note: Adobe supports only the most recent major version of Adobe Reader for Linux, which is version 9.x.

    End of Support

    End of Support means that Adobe no longer provides technical support or distribute runtimes. This policy affects product and security updates for all derivatives of a product or product version (localized versions, minor upgrades, operating systems, dot and double-dot releases, and connector products.)

    But to get u your serial, they should do it.
  2. I called yesterday and it's not registered under the email I would have used so I have to try all my emails with the tech support twat until I find it.... *IF* I even registered it at all!
  3. Try the Belarc and it can help u to find the serial #, if u will run it on the PC whee is it still installed? Just try it.
  4. If you hit a dead end, try using Foxit.
  5. Adobe Acrobat is a PDF editor. That's why I want it.
  6. Foxit can edit PDFs.
  7. Yep, as aford10 pointed to Foxit ^^^, they do have a full suite if u need one. It is a lightweight and friendly application.
  8. Even the free version of Foxit can edit PDF's.
  9. aford10 said:
    Even the free version of Foxit can edit PDF's.

    True, I forgot that adobe will not allow even basic editing for free : )
  10. You have to buy ***.... I don't want to pay for something when I already have paid once.
  11. Than try the Foxit reader, its completly free that aford10 linked earlier for u....
  12. BTW, did u get anywhere with ADOBE?
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