Please help space problem, dont know if it will fit!

Ok I have a set up coming to me tomorrow, Antec 900, c2d, p965 ds3, ocz reaper ram and a zalman cnps9500.
i want to know if this will all fit, im worried about the clearance between the hsf and the ram, heres a link to the ram and hsf.


Thanks in advance!
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  1. It'll fit perfectly.
  2. yah no issues there... the Zalman is not that big (compared to some anyhow)
  3. alright thanks guys im putting it in as we speak right now. but eh one question, i need to use my p4 as a replacement for now, and i need to take it off the heatsink, ive heard a lot of problems happen with this, that the sticky crap that the manufacturers put between the core and the hsf is really strong and wont come off, people have reported ripping out their cpu's on accident. whats a safe way to get it off? and if i dont have any rubbing alcohol whats something i could use to take off the residue on the chip? (preferebly something i dont have to go out and buy, something in the house, a credit card perhaps?)
  4. "anhydrous" isopropyl alcohol will only cost a dollar or two at the local grocery store or pharmacy, and you'll need a reasonably non-polar solvent like that to get the thermal compound remnants off. If you have Goo-gone, that might work. The credit card (or index file card, which is more disposable!) is good for removing the bulk of the old compound. Remember, you'll need some fresh thermal compound for re-installing the P4 and/or heat sink.
  5. alright i see, i guess il just go and get some, would vodka work? And yeah i already ordered some AS5, thanks for the input.
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