First Build! CD Drives Won't Open!!

Hey everyone. I'm almost done building my first PC with the help of all of you Tomshardware forums folks. And I'm stuck at a last step. I plugged in two Lite-On Dvd-RW drives, set one to master and one to slave and they wont open! I put the IDE cable in the motherboard then the two ends into the drives, but nothing! Strangely when I unplug the IDE cable but leave the Power cable in the drives one of them opens, could someone please help me!!! This is the last step I have before a successful BIOS post! Thanks!
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  1. The motherboard is dead.
  2. Make sure you plugged the right ends of the IDE cable into the CD drives. The tail end of the cable connects to the Master drive, the middle connection connects to the slave drive. Otherwise, try another IDE cable if you haven't.

    EDIT: Also, make sure that you have the cable oriented the correct way; i.e., the two connectors closest to each other connect to the CD drives while the connector farthest away connects to the MB - straightforward but I've seen it overlooked b4...

    Please post your specs; preferably the PSU, MB, CPU, RAM, and GPU. Make sure all power connections are tight and that the MB is receiving power via the additional 4 pin connection (if required by your MB).

    I'm inferring that you have been UNABLE to access your BIOS? If so, do you receive any system beeps? IF not, take out all UNNECESSARY internals like additional PCI cards. Afterwards, take out all the RAM and see if you get a system beep error. Does the system power on to the BIOS/POST screen IF the CD drives are disconnected? If so, then probably a short somewhere... If all else fails, take the parts out of the computer and attempt a bootup on a cardboard box.
  3. Criminal89 said:
    The motherboard is dead.

    Now thats a helpful and wise comment. ugh!
  4. With the IDE cable unplugged and the computer powered on, both drives should open and close properly. If not, you have either a bad CD drive or power connection.

    Firstly, confirm the power plugs are fully seated. :)

    Secondly, with the IDE cable still unplugged, power off, swap the power cables to the CD drives, power back on. If the same drive still doesn't open, you have a bad CD, if the other drive now doesn't open, you have a bad power plug or PSU. Try using another power lead to confirm. Either way, you'll probably need to exchange the CD drive or PSU.

    If both work after swapping the power plugs, you probably have/had a loose connection somewhere. You may or may not be able to track this one down.

    Let us know what you discover.

    You should be able to have a successful BIOS post with completely unattached/non-functional CD drives.
  5. Hey djack, when you say that you have the IDE cable unplugged, do you mean you have unplugged them from the drive side or the motherboard side? If you have unplugged both drives from the IDE cable and the one drive doesn't open, then that's a problem. Try using different molex connectors to power them, maybe you have a bad branch of connectors. Once you have sorted out whether they will open or not then plug the IDE cable back in.

    Another thing you didn't mention is whether the BIOS finds the drives.
  6. The_Gremlin is right.

    TechGeek..Don't worry about the IDE cable. If the drives don't open it's either a PSU or CD Rom issue. Follow the courses he said to test them. If you have a spare computer that works. Just unplug the power for the cd rom and attach it into your current cd rom drives. If it fails to open once you press the eject button you have a bad batch of cd rom drives. If it does open you know it's a powering issue. Which would mean your PSU. This would be the fastest way to find out IMO.
  7. aziraphale said:
    Now thats a helpful and wise comment. ugh!

    I'm pretty sure an optical drive is capable of opening without an IDE/SATA connection at all.

    By "pretty sure" what I'm really saying is "damned sure"
  8. CD/DVD Roms will open without being connected to the Mobo, unless you're talking about opening them with some piece of software? Are you sure you plugged them in to the PSU? Sorry for asking but hey sometimes people forget.
  9. My guess is that the power supply isn't cutting it. Unplug one of the drives and see what happens. Unplug floppy, pull memory until you have one stick..... etc. Anything thats not a needed.
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