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Hey everyone!

I have a couple of questions. I am new to some of this stuff so laugh away if you think this funny :pt1cable:

I am trying to decide on a new video card. My choice is between the 2900 and the 8800.MOBO and PSU can handle both.

1) will my current cpu be able to run the card? I have an fx-55. I am wondering if this will be able to handle it. I plan to purchase a new cpu in a couple of months but would like to wait for now.

2) Having an AMD CPU would i get a better performance advantage using an ati product? I know both ati and nvdia will work with each other, but at what cost. i have to think that intel and amd would make their competors products run inferior on the their own products.

Hey thanks for any help on this question
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  1. Yes your cpu will handle those cards. You may see some differences in some games, as some make good use of multithread or dual cpus. As far as cpu to gpu setups, theres really no advantage using one and not the other, as they all perform somewhat equally. My only question at this point is, being so new to the game(s), you are sure your psu can handle these cards? They draw alot of current and using them with an underpowered psu could spell disastor for your whole rig. What is your psu? Make and model? or manufacturer and wattage? The psu makers very greatly on their quality/claims, and its always best to go a lil high on the requirements of them
  2. i would choose a 2900xt
    but listen to jaydeejohn, hes right you must be sure your PSU can handle it
  3. i just purchased a zalman 600w so yes im sure. Very nice PSU i must say.

    He thanks guys, now I just have to choose between the cards.
  4. The 2900 is the better card, and with newer driver releases, its even getting better. Both are great cards, tough choice. One thing to consider tho, if youre gaming at 16X10 o r higher resolution, then the GTS640 or the 2900 is what youll want
  5. but it also depends in your monitor
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