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so, i have 2 computers a very old pentium 4, gts 8400 gpu, 1.5 gp ram, and other local very cheap hardware, windows xp, and the other one is a high end pc i build last june, core i7 2600, 6950 hd gpu, 4 gp gskill ram, asrock fatality p67, windows 7, the problem is internet on my old pc is fast as hell, i can load hd videos in 5 mins, and every thing just fine except of course the pc doesn't run any videos higher than 360p :fou: , my other pc is internet is literally DEAD, it could load a 3 min video in half an hour 0.0, facebook opens in 10 mins or it may not open, even google search takes mins to do a search :cry: , i use google chrome in both, and a common cisco modem router, internet speed is 1 mps, could any one help me?
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  1. Are they located in the same location? Tried using the same wireless adapter?
  2. it is a wired connection not wireless, and the problem is not a virus as i had bitdefender total security genuine on the pc with slow internet, and it is not the antivirus either as it was slow even before i install the antivirus :P
  3. Just because you have antivirus software, doesn't guarantee that something didn't get past it.
  4. However unlikely, I've had it happen to me where the actual network adapter (in most cases built into the motherboard) was faulty. Internet worked fine for years and then one day stopped working and became all buggy. I highly doubt this is your case but if it was, you could always try a network adapter that you plug into one of your pci slots. Most likely available for purchase at your local computer store.
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