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I currently have a dell 3007wfp monitor(30 inches, dual link dvi cable, 2560x1600 resolution) and I have it hooked up to my pc working perfectly. I would also like to hook up my 360 to the monitor so i bought a dvi to vga adapter and the vga adapter for the 360 but i am getting no picture. that is the adapter I bought but I think it might be the wrong 1 due to the fact that my monitor has a dual link dvi cable and the adapter is an analog? but I am not sure so I was wondering if anyone could answer this.
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  1. Yea if you are using a DVI-D cable then that particular cable doesn't carry analog signals on it. You'll need a DVI cable that has the 4-pin section on it as that is the part where the analog signal is transmitted.
  2. could you possibly help me find the perfect adapter i need? preferably dvi female(the same one as video cards have so I dont have to hook it up to the back of the monitor) and male/female vga because i have the sex converter.

  3. You need a DVI cable that has these four pins on it. With out it you will be unable to output to analog VGA.

    This one should do

    I'm assuming your using a cable similar to this
  4. well I need a dvi to vga adapter since the one I have is analog I guess I need DVI-D to VGA preferallbly dvi-D female to vga male that wont i just hook it up to the cable and not to teh back fo the monitor. And my dvi to vga converter has those 4 pin things and it still doesnt work, plus my monitor doesnt even have 4 pins there to plug in those things just the flat long thing.
  5. Or this adapter along with a VGA cable to your monitor should work.
  6. ok so for this one this is exactly how it will work. On the back of my monitor it has a male DVI-D thing and that is where i'll put this and then hook up the 360 vga cable to the other side. So it will work perfectly and I will get picture?
  7. I probably should of asked this earlier but what version of Xbox 360 are you using? Core, standard, or elite?
  8. standard.
  9. the 400 dollar one.
  10. Alright I have to apologize, I should of looked up the specs to your monitor before posting. There has been a misunderstanding on my part. I assumed that your monitor either had an analog VGA connection on it or a DVI-I connection so somehow it could take an analog signal from your XBOX 360. Unfortunately your monitor doesn't appear to be able to take any analog signals since it just features an DVI-D connection. I do not know of any device or adapter that can take a VGA signal and then output to DVI-D. I asked which version of the XBOX 360 you have because the Elite version is the only version that features an all digital HDMI port, which can easily be converted to DVI-D through an adapter. Once again I apologize for the confusion.
  11. damn so i need an hdtv thx for telling me though.
  12. One last thing you may want to consider, but I'm not entirely sure will work, is a high end A/V receiver. I believe they are capable of taking in one video source and then converting them to another. I personally have never used one but they may do what you need. One that looks capable Just use the HDMI to DVI-D adapter on the HDMI output and it may work. Like I said my experience with these is limited and I would highly recommend consulting someone with more knowledge of receivers before trying anything.

    After looking at the cost, you may be better off just getting an HDTV. :D
  13. lol...... thx anyways man.
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