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Hello all stupid question but I just accidentally lost some of my probe icons when I moved them too far over to the side of my Windows 7 desktop, anyone know where they went?...thanks
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  1. Try >>>right click on the desktop>>>Sort by>>>Type.

    They should show up again, if they have not been removed : )
  2. If they are still missing,

    u can right click on the program file >>> send to>>>desktop(create shortcut)
  3. I think I must have described the problem inaccurately. I can launch Probe, I can use the program but god knows what it's done with the little readout hexagon shaped icons/readouts. I moved them off to the side of the desktop and they were gone. It must be a windows 7 thing, it must have moved them somewhere but I can't find out where. If no-one knows where Windows put them I will uninstall then re-install the program and hopefully that will cure it. Just curious where it went really just in case I lose something else down the same hole!.
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