Need Good, Cheap, Reliable Case and PSU. Penryn/8 Series

I need a good, cheap, reliable PSU and Case. Im planning on using my E6400 until Penryn is available. I have an 8800GTS so the case needs to fit it. I would like the PSU to be at least 650 wats

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  1. I just ordered an antec sonata II case with 450w power supply for $30 after rebate from fry' It also has free shipping. The case alone is worth $30; you can use the power supply for a spare. Don't get a cheap power supply, no matter what the wattage rating. Antec, enermax, fortron, seasonic, and pc power and cooling are all good brands.
  2. I initially was worried this deal was too good to be true, but after reading every review I could find I ordered one. It fit my needs to perfection and it sounds like it would work for yours:
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