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I want to record a short (1 min or so) webcam video greeting that I can email to someone, which can be easily playable on their Mac; I'm running Windows 7. I've got Jing and can record SWF easily, but it's a fairly large file format, not suitable for emailing, and recipient probably wouldn't want to take the trouble to download it from Dropbox. I want to make receiving it as simple as possible for them. What file format should I convert it to for sending via email to a Mac user that's relatively small (e.g., 1 min --> no more than 5-10MB) and can be played on a Mac without them having to do any file conversion or download any software? I'm thinking possibly AVI since it's relatively universal. If so, what software would you recommend for doing the conversion? Apparently "QuickTime will only play AVI files that have audio and video compressed by a codec QuickTime recognizes" -- I don't understand enough about codecs to know how to create the AVI properly so my Mac recipient will be able to play it. Any recommendations? Am I on the right track or would you steer me in a different direction?
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  1. For anyone else coming across this thread, I figured it out. Converting from SWF was complicated, so I used the free Windows Live Movie Maker ( to record from webcam, saved to WMV (the only supported file format), then used my favorite free video converter (Any Video Converter, ; but I'm not trying to push this one; you can use whatever you want) to convert from WMV to MP4. That's playable on most Macs.
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