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Hi, I recently built a pretty high-performance computer using the Asus P5B Deluxe WiFi Mobo. I'm running WinXP, completely updated, all latest drivers for everything, updated bios before install, etc. Everything was brand new and recommended brands/models, etc.

But this system has never been too stable. I've had nothing but trouble with the built-in WiFi (randomly refreshing, dropping me completely, etc.). A lot of time after the WiFi completely loses connection, the system becomes EXTREMELY sluggish and completely unusable. And lately I've been getting lovely BSODs at night when the system is idle!

I tested the RAM (3G - 2 pairs) using MemTest 86. Everything came back fine.

- So I'm wondering if there are any thorough and recommended hardware test utilities that would work well with this Mobo and components?

It points to a hardware problem, especially with the BSOD. But I'll try reinstalling WinXP from scratch if testing doesn't show anything.

** If it helps, I also have: 4 HDs in 2 RAID-1 arrays; the boot is on 1 RAID-1 volume, with a RAID-0 on the same drives (Intel Matrix RAID) for the swap file; XFX nVidia 7600; 2 pro-audio PCI cards; Corsair 650W power supply; Antec case with adequate cooling; etc.
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  1. Hmmm. Anybody know some tools/techniques to help debug BSOD errors? I'm starting to get them more often now, usually when leaving the computer idle without apps running for a period of time.

    I need to figure out if there's a hardware problem so I can return while under warranty (and avoid spinning my wheels debugging software).

  2. i have the same board and i never used the wifi, and i dont have any problem with it
  3. Testing Tools

    ATi Tool - Tests your Video Card
    Orthos - Multithreaded Burn In Test
    Hitachi DFT (Drive Fitness Test) - Tests your HDD

    Also enter your bios, set your memory vcore to 1.9v or ever 2.0v - some memory requires it, and you may want to try your system with only two sticks of ram (best memory setup is to 1) have the least amout of modules and 2) have matching modules), and also try your system with just the boot HDDs and see how that goes.

    Best of luck there mate
  4. i have the non wifi version of p5b deluxe and am having no probs whatsoever. u can test your pc by removing some parts, like "2 pro-audio PCI cards" and etc. like this u can trace out the non compatible or defected parts, if any. I first had a asus p5b-e and was having this hanging problem, so i decided to run some tests on it. So i removed nearly all the add on cards and ran the pc to chk if the add on cards might not be compatible. Anyways at the end my built-in lan card was the culprit, so i had a replacement and got a p5b deluxe. Hope i helped.
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