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Right so I am trying to render the leftovers from my livestream, the livestream program have me out flash video file(19.794fps, 1280x720, 390kbps) which I then converted to mp4 (25fps, 1280x720, 1409kbps) and wmv (25fps, 1280x720, 7384kbps) files.
So I started working on the output files one at time hoping I would get different results, but ended up with the same results.

Anyway, my problem looks like this: Video at dropbox

The settings I used to render were following:

[cpp]Vegas Pro 11
Renderer: Mainconcept AAC/AVC (.mp4)
FPS: 25 (PAL)
Allow source to adjust frame rate: yes
Field order: Upper field first (I use: "None (Progressive scan)" usually)
Pixel aspect ratio: 1
Number of reference frames: 2
Use deblocking filter: yes(and no on the other tries)
Constant bit rate (bps): 6 000 000
Rendering Quality: Best available[/cpp]

Also a sidenote: I cant render the file frame rate to anything below 5mbps because it causes vegas to crash.

So any idea whats causing this and how I can solve it?

I'm thinking it might be because I used MPEG4 codec when converting instead of H.264/AVC.
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  1. It could be caused by the drivers codec conflict.

    Try to restart and see. BTW, did u install any drivers recently?

    Re-install helps. Talking about the green flickering.
  2. I've had CCCP for the longest time, even before actually installing Vegas itself, and I could render 2 mainconcept files before this one just fine. Although with this one, Vegas wouldnt even recognice the mp4 version before installing quicktime.

    And no, I havent updated any drivers recently. I know its not a driver thing because know what? If it was a driver thing, you would not be seeing that flicker, if your drivers are installed correctly.
  3. Not a driver, but its a codec issue, in most cases.
  4. I've tried to run the rendering without CCCP aswell, so that the only mainconcept codec at the time I did the video example was quicktime. Unless there were leftovers somewhere.
  5. nikorr said:
    Re-install helps. Talking about the green flickering.

    Also, do you mean whole windows re-install or just vegas/codecs?
    Because I'm not going to re-install windows for sure, will go for virtual machine if it comes to that.
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