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I'm completely new to overclocking, I've never done it before, but it has always interested me. I've read a lot of guides and posts on the forum and I have gotten a lot of info. Right now, I just want to make sure that I have the general idea on how to overclock your PC. From what I understand you you need to do these steps:

Step 1: Lower memory frequency as low as you can so you can find the CPU's max speed at first. Along with this,
make sure all your AGP, PCI's, SATA, PCI-E's frequencies is set to normal. Normal frequency's (PCI bus:
33.3, AGP bus: 66.6, SATA & PCI-E: 100)

Step 2: Reduce the HyperTransport frequency to 400 or 600MHz (2x or 3x)

Step 3: Find the frequency/voltage control page and then find the cpu host frequency or cpu/clock or external
clock. Raise the FSB little by little by 10MHz.

Step 4: Reboot and check to see if it did in fact overclock with CPU-Z utility. Then check to see if its stable with
programs like SuperPI, Prime95, S&M. Make sure that the cpu temp doesn't exceed 60c and make sure the
cpu isn't throttling by using programs like ThrottleWatch, RightMark CPU Clock utility. If everything goes ok,
then you can increase the FSB a little more.

Step 5: Once your cpu hits max, start raising the memory frequency.

So, are my steps and understanding of overclocking right or am I missing something. Please give me advice and let me know if I have something wrong. I really want to learn as much as I can. I plan on trying to overclock my old PC before I try to do anything to my new build that I will building soon like everyone else. Thanks for the advice in advanced.
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  1. looks good. just beware of temps.
  2. basic query, since im also an apprentice in overclocking. i have e6400 2.13ghz CPu, 1 gb ddr2 800, 7600 gs Vdeo card, unfortunately with way passed out mobo Asus P5ld2-vm SE(chipsets intel 945G northbridge, and ICH7) .i tried to overclock and having tried almost every advice and tips on OC but the most i can attain is only 2.38GH FSB.although the motherboard specify that its overclockable up to 30%, i think with this attain FSB even 15% OC has not been reach. can u pls help me figure it out what went wrong?why is OC strangled to that speed only,could i push it more given this kind of mobo or what?. tnx.
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