DVD writer labeled as CD-drive by XP


This is my first post, and hopefully my next one will be a thank you. Bear with me here..

Not 20 minutes ago I installed a Pioneer DVR-112D.
My setup prior to that was as follows:

D: CyberDrive (don't ask) CD-RW, SLAVE, audio cable

These came with the computer, at least as far as I can remember. They've both worked flawlessly. Now my setup looks like this:

D: Pioneer DVR-112D DVD-RW, SLAVE, audio cable

So basically I just switched the CD-RW for the DVD-RW, and left all other connections and settings unchanged.

When I booted XP the system recognized the new hardware and the yellow speech bubble first stated the correct name of the DVD-RW, but then a new one popped up and said "CD-drive" or something to that effect. I didn't think much of it. I upgraded the firmware to 1.21 and then I opened up My Computer. D: was still labeled as a CD-drive even though it was now a Pioneer DVR-112D DVD-RW.

My Computer looks like this:

If I then bring up the properties of D:, this is what I get:

It's in Swedish, but you get the general idea.

InfoTools gives me this:

So on that front, it seems OK. What's with D: being labeled as CD-drive still?

If it's of any help, I keep my computer extremely clean in that I clean the drive, defrag, hunt and kill spyware, make sure I don't have any unnecessary programs installed (22 processes running) and so on.

Thanks a lot in advance!
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  1. windows XP doesn't really recognize dvd burners ( I don't remember if they fixe it in SP2, they might have). anyway, just don't worry about what windows says and keep using nero or something like that. The files should still be readable as "cds".
  2. heres a simple possiblity for the problem.. you may have a cd in the drive!! seen it many times. put a cd into a dvd drive and xp may label the drive as a cd drive instead of what it really is.

    but as previously stated, I wouldn't worry, since nero see's it right.
  3. dmdallas: OK, so XP recognizes DVD players but not writers? Peculiar.

    ddybear: The drive is empty but thanks for the suggestion! It wouldn't surprise had I overlooked something as seemingly obvious as that.

    Thanks a million, the both of you! I didn't have to wait very long for some help. :)

    Edit: I put the DVD-RW as master and didn't connect any of the other drives. XP recognized it and labelled it a DVD-drive. So far so good. But when I then put the old DVD-ROM (the one that had previously been set as master) as a slave to the RW, XP didn't find either one. No optical drives at all. What gives?
  4. might be a stupid question, but on the back of the dvd drive, did you set it to slave? or did you just put it on the part that said slave? If you have two masters, than it would do something like that, otherwise I really don't know what else it would be...
  5. Oh it's not stupid at all. You have to cover all the bases. Wouldn't surprise me if it slipped my mind this time, so I'll have a peek. :D

  6. Not sure about DVD-RW drives, but there is a known issue in SP2 where a CD-RW is detected only as a CD-ROM. Microsoft KB article here:


    This is a non-public release; You must call Microsoft support and request the patch (first call to them is free), reference the article. I actually had to get the patch for PCs at work. I have a copy of it on my thumb drive if you need it.
  7. Thanks for the offer qwertycopter! It's great to know that there are genuinely helpful people out there.

    My "problem" has evolved a bit. This is what I'm looking at now: If I connect the Pioneer DVD-RW alone, it's recognized and labelled as a DVD-RW by XP ( D: ). Nice! However, when I add the LG DVD-ROM to the mix as a slave to the RW ( E: ), XP labels them both as CD-drives. Err..

    (Nero InfoTool realizes that they're both DVDs, however, so it's a labelling issue rather than a functional issue.)
  8. remember that xp was developed before dvd drives were really mainstream. If it all actually works and the disks are readable, it is just xp doing another of it's stupid little things, otherwise, I would just advise you to only use the burner (it's not really like you are going to be able to use them at the same time) on IDE, 2 dvd drives running simultaneously just choke up on the bandwidth...
  9. Thanks a lot dmdallas, qwertycopter and ddybear! I'm using the 112D on its own now, and XP seems to understand what it is.

    Another very minor question, weird and entirely unrelated to my main issue: Is the 112D supposed to have two stripes of what looks like some sort of cardboard "behind" the sled, running along the upper and lower sides of it. Does this even make sense? I thought it looked so odd that I wanted to ask. :D
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