Board for Core 2 Duo E6400 and 184pin memory?

Can anyone offer advice on a good motherboard that can take an Intel Core 2 Duo E6400, 184pin memory and pci-e?

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  1. I don't think there are any. DDR is obsolescent now, and Core2Duo CPUs are pretty recent. I've seen some low-quality models using a VIA chipset to run either DDR or DDR2 (both slots on board), but I wouldn't call a VIA chipset board "good quality".
  2. Thats what i feared! By the time i can afford to upgrade, il need a whole new system!

  3. Fry's was bundling these el cheapo boards with both E6300 and E4300 for a while, then later switched to the PT890T-A board with ddr2 only. They usually go for about $40 if they still have them.
  4. asrock dualvista or asrock 4core.. look up asrock it supports ddr1 and ddr2 as well as agp and pci-e. highest fsb is 300 tho so...
  5. I've found that DDR2 memory is pretty much on a par with DDR now for cost. Seeing as that's where you're hitting your problem, why don't you sell the DDR to offset against the price of some DDR2.

    I was even more optimistic - I was originally looking for a mobo to help me upgrade to DDR2 and PCI-e, but able to support my s478 Pent4 chip! Needless to say I was woken up with a few slaps round the face!
  6. DDR2 is significantly cheaper than DDR... you can grab 1GB of 667 RAM for less than 50 bucks...
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