Acceptable temperature and voltage for a E6700

My E6700 is running at 3.7Ghz but to stabilize I had to ramp up the voltage all the way to 1.58125 in the bios. Previously had 1.56 which passed Orthos all night long but some new games were crashing out... after bumping it all is fine.

CPU Z is showing 1.238v but that must be inaccurate ?

Idle temp is 36c and a few hours running Orthos comes at 65c, running the Intel thermal analysis tool however takes it up to 75c??

Is it safe to keep it that high? Bad luck with the CPU needing so much voltage?

CPU cooled by a Scythe ninja + 2200 RPM fan, arctic silver paste and a Antec Nine Hundred gaming case with 5 fans.

Had the system boot into windows at 4Ghz but I would need mega cooling and voltages to get it stable there.. water cooling hmmm
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  1. Bumped the CPU from 3.7 to 3.75 and idle temp dropped from 36 to 32?? how odd...
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