Conect power and pc start bay it self and keep re-starting

hi evry baddy :hello:

i have the same issues with tow compo

i try almost every thing ... :pfff:

just i conect the power wire and the pc will work bay it self and will keep restarting evry 5's and their is nothing in display

their's no sound from pc ( beep sound ). :pfff:
i try release electricity by take power off and start the pc :pfff:
i change the battery and take it off and start pc :pfff:
i take the compo out of case and but it up some sponge :pfff:
i change almost all component :pfff:
i check the pin's cpu mobo and clean the ram pin by pencil eraser :pfff:

if any one have more opinions i'll be glade to do it >>

am sorry for my bad english

yes :sol: one more thing :sol:

i try to release my electricity by hit the wall by my head :D
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  1. is this a laptop or desktop?

    also you mention having the same issues with a "tow compo" tower computer?

    you mention taking out the battery and also taking the parts from the case.

    why are you plugging in and pulling out the power wire? if you did this when the pc was working, or just turned off the power switch without shutting down the pc correctly first then you could definitely have damaged some internal components.

    it would definitely help to know how the pc was acting when it was working and also your normal routines when you used the pc. as i said, if you do not shut down things right there could be issues.
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