Looking for application or router for capping bandwidth

Hey all,

Im setting up a test environment at home and I figured now is a good time to take care of the kids bandwidth hogging issues.

Im looking for a router or an application *I do have a server I can config if there is a product* so that I can configure it as to throttle bandwidth by either IP MAC or username.
lets say my IP is I wouldnt throttle myself but is my Son downstairs who downloads music and videos all day long. I would like to impose a restriction that would only allow him a MAX of 20KB/sec. I would like something that cut and dry.. not like QoS

Appreciate the help :)

heres hoping someone has done this before.
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  1. Well smoothwall, which is a linux firewall distro has a capability with an addon that is similar to what you are looking for. Here is a link to the topic on the smoothwall forum.


    I am building a smoothwall box and the total parts will run me 150 and that includes shipping. Or if you have another older pc who's O.S. you don't mind wiping you could load smoothwall on that. Their main site is here...


    Check them out and see if this helps you at all. I myself do not know of any off the shelf solutions to what you are looking for.
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