Upgrade Wireless mini-PCI Card?

I've got a Compaq nc 6230 and want to upgrade the mini-PCI card in it. Right now I've got the Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection and was thinking about upgrading to a card with draft-n capability. I was looking at an Intel card but it seemed to be a different shape than the one I've currently got. It was more rectangular. Will it still fit? I was under the impression that wireless mini-PCI cards were standard. Is it really even worth it to upgrade to N if G is working fine for me?
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  1. Check that the existing card can be dismounted without doing damage to the laptop -- the antenna connections may be rather fragile.

    To be honest I doubt if it's really worth the cost and effort. Like you I've tried replacing a mini-PCI (modem) with a wireless adapter (Broadcom device lifted from a Netgear wireless router) and, again the form factor was a problem.
  2. mini-PCI card of very easy to swap out provided there is an access panel. All of my laptops and tablet PC's have an access panel and the card just pops out after disconnecting the antenna.

    Make sure you get the same style card with the same antenna connectors. IF you have Mini PCI make sure you do not get a Mini PCI-E card.

    Other then that, make sure you have the drivers for your OS and new card ready to go.
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