X1950 PRO or DX10 card?

I am on the verge of building a shuttle XPC based on the Core 2 Quad Processor. Everything else has been chosen except one thing. The graphics. There is no way this beast is being choked on the crappy onboard chip! :na:

Question is, shall I get a DX10 card to go with it (i.e. the 8800 which atm is the only one Shuttle officially support) or shall I stick to my original plan and get a X1950 PRO or a compatible card of that spec and use it until DX10 market improves and DX10 cards become more affordable?

I'm a little miffed at how the Shuttle claims a 8800 is compatible with their barebones, especially when the barebones has a puny 400W power supply and especially when most users will also couple that card with a Core 2 Quad processor!! :??:

Any opinions and experiences will be welcome. NO fanboy responses please!! :kaola:
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  1. IM curious as to what resolution you plan on playing on?
    I will recommend the 8800GTS 320 MB for 17-19 inch monitors, anything above 1600x1200or 21-24 inch monitors go with the 8800gts 640 MB
  2. Buddy of mine was just reading this post, and we have come the the conclusion that you need to replace your shuttle box with a Thermaltake LANBOX, just because the shuttle box has no true air flow, keep in mind that if you do decide to go with a DX10 card, you will need to replace you PSU, and with the shuttle box, you will be limited to that kind of an upgrade

  3. Are you planning on using vista or xp there are whispers about but at the min you cant run dx10 on xp any way.
  4. Bluntside - if you could give me a website as to where I could buy this alternative to the shuttle xpc then I would appreciate it - I trust that I can purchase this inside the UK.

    The only reason I went for Shuttle was because their Small form factor PCs have been the most flexible yet reliable foudation for building PCs on and extremely well sized - my sisters AMD Sempron build is still holding out quite well one year on, and building it was pretty easy as well, once I got compatible parts. Whats more, in my tiny bedroom where this PC will be I can stack this on top of my Panasonic Mini system and it fits in snugly.

    I would ideally love to get a full blown core 2 motherboard but simply space restrictions force me to get a SFF Shuttle XPC as my foundation :'(

    I thought the PSU was a little weedy for DX10 card - people were speaking of running 500w PSUs for just 8800 cards and I was perplexed as to how the Shuttle with only a 400Watt power supply could run the mammoth 768MB 8800 Guerilla of a graphics card. The leadtek version of this card is on the list of compatible graphics cards to use with these shuttle barebones!

    mactronix, I was intending on having a dual boot system - Vista and Linux (I need it for my second year modules at university so I have something to practice on). I am still contemplating over whether I should triple boot the system with Vista, XP MCE and Linux or just have XP MCE run as a Virtual PC under Vista for those incompatible programs. By the time I have enough money to build this rig it will be around September time, which by then hopefully Vista's bugs will be ironed out and device drivers will be more common. If Vista still sucks then, XP MCE it will be, so long as it's cheaper.

    I understand that Windows XP has no support for DX10, so how do these cards hold out with DX9 material - do the X1950 cards still hold ground in DX9 market or is it worth digging deeper in to my pockets and getting 8800 to secure a futureproof PC?
  5. marshahu said:
    Bluntside - if you could give me a website as to where I could buy this alternative to the shuttle xpc then I would appreciate it - I trust that I can purchase this inside the UK.

    Marshahu - check this link...


    If you just type Thermaltake Lanbox into the site there are three other options as well (colour/window).

    Alternatively, Google Products will bring up a list of UK suppliers from approx £60 (I got 49 hits when I looked). Just be careful of which supplier you use - Overclockers seems to have built up a good rep and the price is pretty keen but your choice.

    As for the choice of card, the fact that you asked the queston suggests that you would be satisfied with the X1950 until the DX10 market and games sort themselves out. I've personally just decided to go with that and am just trying to decide between the 512MB Pro (£125) and the 256MB XT (£150). Unless you feel you NEED to then I don't see the point in wasting the extra cash on the 8800's just yet. Hope that helps a little.
  6. It helps me a great deal - I'll consider reshaping my build to include the Lanbox - and the graphics card choice is much clearer now. But now I have an issue as to which Micro ATX motherboard I should use!

    From what I hear, the XT model is meant to be faster than the 512MB. It depends whether or not you prefer to be able to store more textures or having faster performance. I have been in situations where I have been tempted by the more memory option - many gurus here would suggest that the XT 256MB would be better than the 512MB version if its brute performance you are after. The only games I have seen utilizing 512MB of RAM are probably Quake 4 and Battlefield 2 when you wish to increase the quality settings to Ultra. I should know as I am currently using a 512MB version of X1600PRO. ;-)
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